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January 21, 2009

Food Getting More Glorious…for Some.

Filed under: International,Virgin America — Chris @ 5:49 pm

If you are a frequent traveler on our favorite hometown airline, Virgin America, you should be pleased to read about the recent upgrades to its in-flight menu. (We are still mesmerized by the “Food Button” on the seatback, where you place your order, pay for it with the swipe of a credit card, and it magically appears from the back of the plane in minutes…amazing!) Some descriptions of new items: “La Brea Granola with Mixed Berries and Milk — Crunchy and slightly sweet. This intense, earthy granola is made from a wonderful combination of dried fruit, nuts and grains. Paired with berries and milk.” fc-tapasAnd this: Vegetarian Chop Salad — A mixture of romaine, basil, garbanzo beans, cucumbers, red and green bell pepper, sugar snap peas, olives, grape tomatoes, parmesan and cheddar cheeses, partnered with a creamy cilantro dressing.” Those in first class get their fab food for free and this dessert sounds TDF….”Trio of Dessert Tapas: Creamy Lemon curd, Chocolate pot de Crème, Vanilla Panna Cotta.” Yum!

Speaking of In-Flight Food.
Here’s an interesting excerpt from an article from the WSJ about improvements in premium class food service. (As usual, Singapore Air is the star performer here…)  “International airlines are beefing up food spending as a differentiating draw for premium customers — even U.S. airline spending on food has increased recently. In the third quarter last year, the six big U.S. airlines that fly internationally increased their spending on food by 8.5% — the biggest increase in any category besides fuel, according to Department of Transportation data. The same airlines cut labor expenses and maintenance expenses in the same period and slashed advertising more than 22%.)


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  1. Chris, just found your website through this week’s Johnny Jet mail.
    I was hoping for good things when Virgin America opened up for us in the Bay Area but one round trip East did it for me. Extremely cramped seats–far far less room than jetBlue or United Economy Plus, both of which provide a lot of seats out of the Bay Area. I was in real agony by the time I got to IAD. Unless you tell me that the configuration has changed dramatically, I think you’re wrong to consider Virgin a favorite airline. I crossed them off the list after that one flight tho I do fly to D.C., NYC and Boston several times a year.

    Interested to see your new site. I would check it out occasionally.


    Comment by S.M. Poulos — February 19, 2009 @ 1:32 am | Reply

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