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June 22, 2009

A Third Checked Bag Costs $1150? You Betcha!

Filed under: united — Chris @ 6:43 pm

Check out Delta’s new fees for excess baggage and you’ll be shocked.

Let’s say your kid is flying off on Delta for a semester at a university in Europe. She’s got a lot of stuff that will only fit into three bags. That third bag weighs 52 lbs and is large.

You’ll pay:

$400 round trip for the third bag,

$300 round trip if the third bag is overweight,

$350 round trip if the third bag is oversized,

Plus $100 round trip for that second bag.

So that’s a total of $1150 in checked luggage fees—which is probably more than you’d pay for her airline ticket. LESSON: Learn to pack light, or ship excess bags ahead of time.

Other airline fees are similar…Delta is not alone here…For example, United says that it stands to make an extra $275 million for domestic baggage charges alone…that’s the $15/first bag, $25 second bag charge if paying ahead of time on the internet.  Now you’ll pay United $20 for the first and $30 for the second if you wait to pay at the airport. (Elite level and business/first class passengers are exempt.)

What do you think…are these charges fair?


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