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June 26, 2009


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Then be prepared for surprises on your bill. Especially if you want to send your Eiffel Tower snaps to the folks back home. (When you are traveling overseas, AT&T charges 50 cents per text and $1.30 per photo.)

It’s best to use your PDA as a phone, and not a browser or email reader, according to a really helpful article in the NYT. Vague data roaming charges seem to be the culprit here.  Save your data heavy communicating for when you’ve got wi-fi access.

Here’s an excerpt: “AT&T and T-Mobile web sites state the cost to use data when roaming. But it’s priced in megabytes, a measurement that means nothing to most people. (Can you imagine if your wireless plan told you how many MB of data you could use, rather than how many minutes you had?) How much data you use to send a text or visit a Web site depends on whom you’re asking. T-Mobile’s site says that a text message uses about 3KB, and visiting a Web site will eat up between 250 to 500 KB a page, depending on how many images are on the site. AT&T’s site does not state an equivalency between Web-page access and the amount of data used, although a spokesman said that the company would add that information soon. According to AT&T, visiting a Web site could use 50 to 75 KB a page and checking three e-mail messages could eat up 60 KB.”

“AT&T offers monthly packages …starting at $25 for 20MB. That could be the amount of data you’d use to watch 10 video clips or visit 40 Web sites.”


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